Antique Photographic Imagery  

As a college instructor of photography, I became very interested in antique photo imagery. This collection of over 500 pieces, (dating to ca.1843.) was started as a "hands-on way" of introducing the history of photography to my students. In "Photo-1", the entire gamete of the subject is given an introductory look. It is one thing to read or to hear about the different types of images that had been made over the subjects history, it is a whole different exploration to hold these wonderful treasures in your hand. My "Photo-1" students were asked to shoot and produce work in several different subjects. Among these subjects were areas such as, Architecture, Still life, Formal Portraits and Landscape, to name a few. Several vintage examples of each subjects were brought to class to help my students understand how these subjects were handled in the past. Students were also encouraged to go the camera shows to "look at" and maybe start a collection of these treasured items for themselves, as an extension of their photo studies.

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Antique Cameras(with Extras)
Encased Image (Daguerotypes, Ambrotypes & Tintypes)
1/6 plate Mathew Brady Daguerotype in marked Brady case.
1/6 plate Daguerotype of woman in brown Gutapercha case.
1/6 plate Double Daguerotype in mother-of-pearl case.
1/6 plate Double Daguerotype in standard leather case.
1/6 plate Single hand colored Ambrotype in standard leather case.
1/6 plate Single Tintype in standard leather case.
19th Century Photo Albums (with Small Format (2"x 3") CDVs & Tin Types)
  In this section you will find two vintage photographic albums. Both books are very typical of the of the type used photo album used in the 1870s . To make these books more interesting both were found with all of the vintage images intact.
  This out standing 19th century photograph album was acquired in Indiana It was very clean on its outside and even nicer on the inside. The album cover is made of brown leather that has been trimmed in black then embossed in gold. To add to its desirability, this cover was embellished with an amulets in the center of both sides. In order to protect the images four 3/8" red jeweled feet were placed in each corner.
  This photo album was found in Central Ohio and like the other, it was very clean, inside and out . It too is covered in brown leather that has been trimmed in black then embossed in gold. This book is larger then the other but it is not as embellished as the other.
As you can see both books were designed to hold only images that are of CDV size. Later Albums were designed to hold all three sizes of image common to the turn of the century. These include Tin, CDV and Cabinet Cards.
Tin Types- Small Format (2"x 3"), Typical of those found in 19th Century Photo Albums      
These three men ca. 1889 are listening to a cylinder record being played on an "Exhibition" Edison Class "M" Phonograph. This Machine is equipped with set of gallery listening tubes. So many people can listen at the same time.
Bike rider balancing on a two wheel bicycle to have his photo made. Note the hard cracked ground and canvas back ground  
Studio image of two men and a bicycle built for two of special note the bike has a lantern mounted to the front wheel and the background is not large enough to fill the entire image plate

Unknown African- American Girl



UnKnown Civil War Soldier in his Blues
Tin images of a dapper young man and his lovely new bride. The image next to them is four of their blessed children ca:"78 / "89
Tin Types (Full Plate) 8"x 10" & (Half Plate) 5"x 7"
Both of these Large Format (8"x10") images were taken in Rushville, Indiana. The first is the "Court House Square" the other is the "Rushville National Bank",(circa 1860s). They were found together in Central Ohio. Tin images, like other images are exposed in the camera up-side-down and backward, and have no negative. They could be turned rite side up but would still be backward in the image. I have reversed them here to show the scenes as they would have been in real life.
Ohio Farm House 8x10
Horse & Buggy 5x7
Indiana Couple 8x10
Large Prints (Albumen & Modern Gelatin)
The great "Crystal Palace," London England (ca.1870s) This steam tractor is being used on harvest day. Documented in Missouri (ca.1910) The Iron Bridge crossing the "Rhine" river at Cologne, Germany. Note the great Cathedral across the river. ca. late 1880s This modern gelatin print is of tourists at the "Sphinx" ca.1920s The one next is of people climbing the great pyramid ca.1870s (Egypt)
The Cliff House (Ca 1910) San Francisco, California
Harpers Ferry (ca.1880s) West Virginia
These are two of the many interior store images in the Studio collection. Before there were "24hour" 7-11s, there were the "Mom and Pop Stores"
The Motorman and Conductor stand next to each other and their Street car in St. Louis
St. Louis, Public Service Street car (#1401) running on the Park Avenue Route

St. Louis, Public Service PCC Street car (#1733) running on the University Route The car behind is a 1953 Chevrolet Convertible.

This PCC (#1745) is seen here zipping along East bound on the Forest Park Parkway ca1950s
Both of these St. Louis, Public Service PCC Street car (#1793 and 1769) are running on the Grand Avenue Route on July 19, 1954. 1st at the Water Tower Loop, 2nd image was taken 2 blocks South of Sportsman Park .     Proud railroad workers on one of their charges at the Engine house in Centerville, Ill.
Image of St. Louis Mo. "Compton Hill" Water Tower. (ca.1900) This image was taken looking East on Russell Ave at Grand Blvd, This water tower is one of three remaining in St. Louis Mo. (Restored in 2003)
This stretch of railroad track is located in Carondelet, Missouri, (St. Louis, ca1909). It was taken at the entrance to Carondelet Park from the old Grand Ave. Bridge looking North, The shadow of the bridge can be seen in the foreground

The Eads Bridge in St. Louis Mo, can clearly be seen in this image of a river steam ship. (Of special note is the trolley car and horse a wagon passing over the bridge.)
Kaiser's "Philips 66" Service Station located at Grand and Delor St. Louis Mo. 1947
Other Photo Collecting Interests Include:  
Christmas & Electric Trains
Goats & Carts
Solider's & Sailor's Indianapolis, Indiana
49-54 Chevys
Antique Radio
Music Boxes
Steam & Gas Farm Engines


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