Gary George Stevenson(St. Louis, Missouri)


To restore and rebuild musical antiques that allow me to combine my mechanical skills with my artistic talents.


Preservation, restoration and study of various antiques and history, with a special emphasis on all forms of mechanical music. This consentration includes, but is not exclusive to, piano rolls, cylinders and disk recordings, organ music, and others.


1979-Present   Design/Craftsman/Artist for Studio 801, St.Louis, MO 
                                designing and creating custom art works in painting, 
                                 stained-glass and inlaid woods...sign painting and 
                                  silk-screening...also custom antique mechanical music
                                   machine restorations...designed and built an  orchestrion,
                                    a ten-instrument mechanical orchestra. 

 St. Louis Public Schools - RETIRED - SPRING 2007

2006 -2007   Art Teacher,  Mel Carnahan "High School of the future"   St. Louis Public Schools 
2004-2006    Art Teacher,  Adams Elementary School St. Louis Public Schools 
2003-2004    Art Teacher,  Sherman & Adams Elementary Schools St. Louis Public Schools 
1999 - 2003    Coordinator of the Arts and Assistant Principal for Summer School, Central Visual & Performing Arts High School, St. Louis Public Schools. 
                          administrator for all of the Arts program centered in the school these include: Visual Arts, Mass Media and Performing Arts... planning 
                              and budget...curriculum...maintenance of equipment ... inventory
1989 - 1999    Coordinator of Mass Media at the Central Visual & Performing Arts High School, St. Louis Public Schools.
                          administrator for five media areas, including photography, creative writing, radio, television and journalism...planning and budget...
                              curriculum...maintenance of equipment ... inventory 
1987-1989 	 Photography Instructor, Central Visual & Performing Arts High School,  St. Louis Public Schools
                          head of photography department and instructor of 129 students ... developed curriculum...supervised 3 darkroom areas and maintained 
                              photo equipment
1982-1987  	Art Instructor, Soldan High School, St. Louis Public Schools  
                          taught drawing/painting and introduction to art classes...Oct.1985 gave system-wide workshop on the teaching of personal introduction-to-art curriculum.
1978-1982 	 Art Instructor, Northwest High School, St. Louis Public Schools 
                         acting department head (1981-1982)... oversaw program  operations...planned schedule...ordered and maintained equipment.

1979-1987	 Art Glass Instructor, Bevo Long Community School 
                           taught beginning and advanced stained glass 
1987-2002  Adjunct Instructor, Art and Photography, St. Louis Community College 
January 2001         University of Missouri  (St. Louis) 
                                       Certificate: Missouri State Secondary School Principal 
May, 1987	           M.A., Fontbonne University  (St. Louis)
                                      Major: * painting, with elective courses in black-and-white
                                                    photography, sculpture, and bronze casting. 
May, 1978	           B.F.A., School of Fine Arts, Washington University (St. Louis)
                                      Major: Printmaking  Certificate: Missouri State 
                                                  Teaching Certificate in Art, K-12
1974 - 1976           Meramec  Community College (St. Louis)
                                       Introductory courses in fine arts and general studies. 
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Musical Box Society International 
            Production of "Master Index of the M.B.S.I. Technical Bulletin, 1967-1985," 
                published 1986. St. Paul, MN. The Music Box Society International
            Contributing editor to the "Journal of the Music Box Society International," 
                1989-2001, 1984-2000, St. Paul, MN, ** 
                   twelve articles published since Autumn 1981, 
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A re-publications of artical "Jigs 3" was issued by Het Pietment, (1998.) The entire artical was translated into the Dutch language and re-issued. Click the image to view this edition.
  Contributor to "The Edison Blue Amerola Recordings, Volume II "
                 (1981) General recording information.
            Contributor to "The New Amerola Graphic," a quarterly publication 
            Contributor to "Mechanical Music Digest" (MMD) since 
                Web Mechanical Music Digest™  List Server, See MMD portfolio 
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