Gary G. Stevenson, (Artist)

Below you will find several pieces of art work that were produced by Gary G. Stevenson. These images are broken into four types: Paintings, Drawings, Photographs and Sculpture.

I once heard it said of the artist Matesse, that he felt an artist should work ten years in black & white to understand intensity and contrast, before painting in color. To understand this statement, I studied the subject without color for two years. Of the fourteen paintings shown here, six were executed using only black & white paint. These images were painted with brush, in black & white. Differences in tonal quality were accomplished by using both Mars & Ivory Blacks. The dash was painted in some areas with brush and others an air brush.

While interested in painting for painting's sake, I personally enjoy the challenges that Photo-Realism brought to creating painted imagery. Somewhere during my painting pratice, I started an in-depth study of photography and used this medium to document images. This allowed me to begin to paint using knives over brushes. These new images seem to be much more alive.


"Gus at 5"

ca.1986 (Oils on Canvas,)

"Dash 54"

ca.1984 (Oils on Canvas,)

"Yellow Duck"

ca.1984 (Oils on Canvas)


"Number Stamp"

ca. 1974 (Oils on Canvas)

"Girl with Umbrella"

ca.1984 (Oils on Canvas)

"Cordually yours TAE"

ca.1985 (Acrylic on Canvas)


"Recling Nude"

ca.1986 (Oils on Canvas) 8"x10"

"Chair with Pitcher"

ca.1987 (Oils on Canvas) 8"x10"


"Dancing Tree"

ca.1988 (Oils on Canvas) 8"x10"


"Boxes Boxes"

ca.1987 (Oils on Canvas) 18"x20"

"Teddy Still Life"

ca.1987 (Oils on Canvas) 16"x20


"Lourie T"

ca.1979 (Acrylic on Canvas) 11"x14"

"One-Tube Radio"

ca.1987 (Oils on Canvas) 16"x20

"Brown Bags"

ca.1987 (Oils on Canvas) 16"x20"


"The Gum Machine"

ca.1974 (Pencil on Acid Free)

"Girl in the Gum Machine"

ca.1974 (Pencil on Acid Free)

"The Great Escape"

ca.1974 (Pencil on Acid Free)


"Bottles & Eggs"

Photograph ca.1990 11"x14"

"The Nude"

Photograph ca.1988 11"x14"

"Teddy In Still Life"

Photograph ca.1990 11"x14"


"Building Study 1850"

Photograph ca.1988 11"x14"

"Hanging with the Brothers"

Photograph ca.1974 11"x14"

Fish Tank Gravel Mosaic on Wood




ca.1975 Hammer- Formed Brass

"Walking Bronze"



Inscribed in the lower right of piece, "Ode To Fix-it-Man Mike" -- "#%*!&"

Mounted Electronics ca.1986

"Yes" - It works!

"Studio Carousel"
(underconstruction) Started - 2001

I hope you have enjoyed my work,

Thanks, for looking.


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